These days, most companies have a social media presence, and many have resources dedicated to making sure that presence is worthwhile. Brands like Oreo have taken this challenge very seriously and have scored major points with the public by consistently nailing it with the right creative at precisely the right time. In 2012, they boldly proclaimed their stance on a controversial issue with the now famous Gay Pride Facebook Post. A decidedly risky move, their Facebook engagements rose by over 50% and the positive sentiment for the brand more than doubled according to Unmetric.    


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They followed up with another hit post, lampooning the technical difficulties of Super Bowl XLVII.  The post was “designed, captioned and approved within minutes,” and was retweeted 10,000 times in one hour according to Ad Age.


Not every social media post makes that kind of splash, in fact the vast majority of Oreo’s posts get just a fraction of those likes, and reposts.  Still they remain busy dreaming up, creating and posting fun creative to keep fans engaged. The frequency of these posts keep them nimble, and their content naturally evolves in a sort of stream of consciousness style, leading them in many different directions.  Oreo's sculptures, magic tricks, and stop-motion animation have populated their Facebook wall.  Most recently they've created a series of “Snack Hacks” where chefs deconstruct the cookie and rework it into some sort of culinary miracle (#delicious).

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