Maybe it’s because I’m a new father, or perhaps I’m just passionate about good creative, but I’m about to give you the “potential” lecture I received so many times in my youth.  So go ahead and roll your eyes, but know, we’re not mad at you… just a little disappointed.  Now look- Your creative is good, but it has the potential to be so much better!  Here are the most underused, awesome features that Adspace offers that you may be missing out on...

Audio -  One of the most frustrating things I see on a surprisingly regular basis is creative coming in without audio.  Audio is a simple and effective way to attract greater attention, enhance and punctuate what is seen on screen. Why would you not want to take advantage of this feature?  Here are the common excuses we get, followed by my responses…

Advertiser:  “We don’t have music to use.”

Me:  “We have an EXTENSIVE library of royalty free music that is FREE for you to use!”

Advertiser:  “The mall is too loud.  Nobody will hear it anyway.”

Me:  “Au contraire mon frere.  Our screens are equipped with amazing self-leveling Brown Innovations stereo speakers. They actually take regular readings of the ambient noise, and automatically adjust to maintain a not too loud and not too soft level.”

Advertiser: “We didn’t realize we could use audio.”

Me:  “Well you can, and you should.  Bam.”

One final word on audio: Since over 90% of our creative does have audio, your spot appears to be broken when it pops up silent. The audience expects sound, so unless you’re trying to make a point of not adding it, we suggest you give it to them.

Dynamic Data - Be it predictable info, like locations and sales, or unpredictable info like weather conditions, or sports scores, we can take hum-drum creative and make it sizzle with up to the minute dynamically changing fields.  Our network has the capability to connect to a variety of live feeds, dramatically improving your ad’s focus and relevance.  Here, just watch this video.


Copy Splitting and Day Parting - Have too many messages to fit comfortably in one ad?  We can take a number of different creative executions and rotate them in your position in the loop.  You could have a branding spot play one loop and a sale spot the next.  Or, why not run the branding spot in rotation with a sale spot that runs from noon to 3pm on weekends, and a third dynamic spot that offers a different gift with purchase at any point based on current weather conditions?

Mind blown? I thought so.

Maybe it’s that you didn’t know, or simply didn’t believe such excellence was possible, but your mother and I saw it in you from the beginning.  Now get out there and make sure your creative is reaching its full potential!